I'm Zain I've dabbled in technology, research, politics, and more! My eclectic experiences will be effective for any project I join. I'm also a quick learner, and passionate about whatever I'm working on. Always looking to improve and expand my skillset, so any mentorship is appreciated. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, and playing board games.

Projects and Experience


Acronym for "Virtual Reality Alcohol Treatment." A treatment program that reinforces behavior to avoid drinking.

Project Aether

An Element Manipulating VR Game


Reddit Timed Poster

Allows posting specified links at a specific time, so you can post at peak hours without physically posting. Makes hitting the front page easy.

For personal use.

Laboratory Coordinator

Directed double blind clinical study on effects of Juven on diabetic foot ulcers.

Legal Intern

Interned under Harry Reid, conducting research on various topics and writing reports on political hearings.

SpellThief DB

SpellThief DB aims to scrape the D&D basic rules for spells and output them in a parseable file for use in other programs.

Currently in progress.